Maniac Moonshae

Session 8 Spoils

963 gp ea.

500 ea.

Rimefire Plate Armor
Broken Staff
Weird Crossbow
Veritable Arsenal of normal weapons (Azul)

Session 7 Spoils

420 gp ea.

1350 ea.

Session 6 Spoils

100 gp ea.

Plus Weekly Pay:
Azul 18 gp
Asteron, Abraxus, Atticus, Sol: 5 gp ea.

720 ea.

[CI] A Brass Ring w/ Dragon Insignia (Asteron [1])
[CI] Helm of Seven Deaths (Sol [1])
[CI] Bag of Holding (Azul [1])
Battle Standard of Healing (Sol)
6x Human Bacon Strips (Abraxus and Asteron 3 ea.)
Potion of Healing x5, One ea. except for Ethan

Casualty of War:
Bag of Concealment (Murdered by Asteron; Rest in peace)

Session 5 Spoils

250 gp ea. (Sale of Flesh Grinder Axe and Flagon of Ale Procurement)

275 ea.

[CI] Boots of the Dryad (True [1])

Session 4 Spoils

113 gp ea.

1000 ea.

Woundstitch Powder (Atticus)
Bottle of Twilight (Atticus)
Flesh Grinder Greataxe +1 (Atticus)

Option to switch characters this week, which all but Atticus have taken up on.
If you do so, you start at level 3, minimum required XP (2250), and ignore the above gold/loot.
You start with one Level 4 magic item, one Level 3 magic item, one Level 2 magic item, and 520 gp.

None of your previous character’s items or gold transfers.

Session 3 Spoils

GP per player: (Chaz, Teldon, Jack/Jill, Atticus, Jukas)
348 gp

700 xp (Chaz)
1000 xp ea. (Teldon, Jack/Jill, Atticus, Jukas)

Healer’s Brooch +1 (Chaz)
Muleback Harness (Chaz)
Gloaming Shroud +1 (Atticus)
Flaming Bracers (Atticus)
[CI] Unknown Necklace w/ Arrowhead (Teldon [1]) [amulet of passage]

Session 2 Spoils

GP per player:
121 (Bullywugs)
Total: 121 gp

XP per player:
300 xp

Flagon of Ale Procurement (Atticus)

Session 1 Spoils

GP per player:
50 (Shipwreck lockbox)
78 (Sold gem)
8 (Homax reward)
Total: 136 gp

XP per player:
400 xp

Eagle Eye Goggles (Teldon)

Jukas Log Entry 1
Session 1 Recap

          It has been nine years since I have seen your face, and four since I arrived on the island of Disarray’s Abandon. I grow to doubt that you will remember me, but even that doubt serves no purpose until I find a way back.

          This morning Genfwid, the large dwarf who has been our landlord of sorts, brought word of new arrivals on the island, a violent unsavory bunch who were harassing the local fishermen and stealing their food. The script he gave us from Homax promised 40 gold as a reward for dealing with them. Quite honestly, the food source is more important than the gold and we should have dealt with them gold or no, but at least its mention did not cause any of my companions to think twice.
          We called out to them, which I found odd, and gave them a chance to raise the alarm. At least our ranger, Teldon, was a better shot than they, and scored a clean shot at an impressive distance to start with. I fared as well as I would have hoped, and was able to bring the fight to them. Chaz supported my efforts and seems to be among the more reliable. Our paladin, Maverick, proved himself deadly with his fullblade when he dispatched the largest man there in a mighty cleave.
          Speaking of the brute, he appeared to be carrying some magical affliction. I later found out it was the spellplague, which after an altercation with the giant, our spellcaster seems to have contracted. There’s no doubt remaining in my mind now that Jack and Jill share the same body, if different minds, after the proof of that spellscar shone equally on both. That proof caused a minor stir when it flared up in magical luminescence on our way back into town, causing Teldon to ready his bow and Maverick to draw his sword on Jill; both stood down when the spellscar’s magic faded. I myself have warily avoided the spellscarred, but I do not share their paranoia that such a scar would harm anyone but the diseased or those they come into contact with.

          After the fight (and before returning to town) we decided to investigate our new arrivals’ shipwreck just off shore. By ‘we’ I mostly mean myself, though Chaz and Maverick backed me up as well as I would have liked. I discovered a prison ship, and the corpse of the captain still pinned to his chair in his quarters. Whatever the reason, be it storm or otherwise, that facilitated their jailbreak it must not have been well advised for them to end up here. I also discovered and was able to unlock and dislodge a lockbox from the captain’s quarters which contained a magical gem, goggles, and a fair amount of gold. Sometime during this Jack must have ‘switched’ with Jill, for it was the former who fought with us on the beach, but the latter who returned with us to town.

          When we got back we talked with Homax, the half orc mayor, to receive our reward for dispatching the unfortunate prison escapees. Jill tried to talk him into giving us more, and I suppose she may need it if she is to cure her spellscar, but he flatly refused. While we were there we inquired about any more work he may have for us, but there was none to be had. Not that any of this is new or surpising to us by now, and that is perhaps why Chaz parted ways with us then to return to our barn.

          Teldon put the goggles we found to use, but the gem remained, having some ability to decipher languages which we felt was of little use. We next went to Tornstan’s shop to see about selling it, and got a fair enough price all things considered. There was some commotion over a set of leather armor of exceedingly fine make, which Tornstan clarified to be Anathema armor, a Yuan-ti specialty craft. He said he’d part with it for a quarter million gold, which made me more interested in Tornstan than the armor itself — mostly because the price seemed no jest.
          Since there clearly was no way he’d ever fetch such a price on this isolated island, I asked if he had been procuring a means of escape. As it happened he was, funding the labor to salvage wrecks and craft a seafaring vessel and I all but secured our passage for us. Fortunately this went over well enough, and did not require anything more of us to expedite the process for the ship to be ready within a few days. Teldon attempted to use his knowledge of the creatures within the island and without to scare Tornstan, though I’m not sure into exactly what. There’s nothing more we needed from him, and he promised to send word before making any preparations to leave.
          Before leaving Tornstan’s shop I did ask what might still be of value on the island before we ourselves should leave. If anyone were to have a sense of it, no doubt the wealthiest man on the isle would. Though he gave us nothing too specific, he did mention that none had thoroughly explored the jungles on account of the orc and goblin tribal natives. It seemed as good a task as any to occupy our time until the boat was completed.

          Upon leaving Tornstan’s shop, I parted ways with the others. At some point after this Maverick must have returned to the barn, for I did not see him again until I retired for the night as well. I headed to Stanley, the local food merchant, to make my own preparations for our journey. His prices did feel steep to me, but I’ve no mind or much ability to haggle with him. Following this I went to the tavern looking to tie up one last loose end after eating my supper, and found Jack and Teldon already there.

          There was not much out of the ordinary for the tavern, though there did appear to be some kind of bad blood between Fenton, the bar owner, and Twixt, his daughter who’d fallen into a bad mood. Teldon gave her 20 gold to placate her much to Fenton’s chagrin. Oddly enough however, Fenton had no ale to sell me and seemed to dodge the question. This would earn me another trip back to Stanley’s.

          After getting a small keg of ale for no small fee, I visited Genfwid to finish my rounds on the island. I went mostly to find out what he knew about the island since he had been here longer than most, but also came across some new insights into the race of dwarves. In the end he didn’t give me much to really go on, but he did mention a crazed druid who had once lived here but had since fled into the jungles. Leaving an empty keg behind, mostly due to the efforts of Genfwid, I finally returned to settle in for the night, noting something under a black cloth when I returned to the barn. Odd.


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