A not awful character sheet

Sol is a fair-skinned man standing at 5’10" and weighing in at 180 lbs of toned muscle, wearing an exotic ensemble which consists of a few different layers or robes, a crimson red being the most obvious among them, emblazoned with unusual symbols. Atop these are a series of leather pads, neatly fitted and arranged similarly to a breastplate, dyed black and polished to a dull shine. The leather is featureless save the largest breast ‘plate’, which has a dragon inscribed with gold inlay. At each side of his waist he carries a small sickle, a matching pair with black iron handles and some kind of lettering inscribed along the unsheathed blades; they look more ceremonial than functional. In addition to them, a small onyx tablet about the size of a fist serves as some kind of clasp for the sash which constitutes his belt. He bears no other obvious weapons, just a traveler’s pack.



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